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Heart Art and Assemblage Art

Okay, so I’m about to ramble a bit, verbally, so to speak.  I’ve never done this (post on my website) so it seems kind of like stuffing a note in a bottle and casting it out to sea.  Hash-tags are supposed to be important in the search world of social media, so I’ll now apply hash-tags to a handful of appropriate words. #mixed-media #mosaic #found-object #folkart .  Now I’ll wait and see if anyone out there in the entire google universe……. which I know is VAST, will find this note in a bottle and respond.  It will only take one person for me to know that I’ve made contact with the outside world.  A #stranger in a strange land trying to #grok the world of online communication.  Don’t be shy.

pht-milagros-cThis is my most recently completed pieces exhibited for the first time on Facebook.  Let me know what you think.

Hap Sakwa